Family Law

Are you dealing with a legal matter involving your family? Such as divorce, custody, maintenance, or the division of assets and debts? Call to learn what you can do and what can be done to protect your rights.


Criminal Law

Are you facing a misdemeanor or felony charge? Been arrested or have a warrant? Don’t talk to the police. Call us to protect your rights and minimize consequences.


Estate Planning

Are you prepared for the future? Call us to plan the cost-effective transfer of your wealth after your death.

Here are 3 reasons to request a consultation with our lawyer:

Our reputation precedes us

Doskocil Law Firm first opened its doors to clients in 1959. In the years since, we’ve earned a positive reputation among people in Eureka, Missouri and the greater St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area, including all of St. Louis County. Whether your legal need is big or small, you can count on our attorney to provide you with smart advice and effective representation.

We’re a more flexible firm for the Eureka, St. Louis County, MO area

We know how expensive legal services can become, so we strive to do things differently at our firm to save you as much money as possible. Our attorney will send you information and explanations through email and phone conversations to keep you from incurring face-to-face consultation costs. He can also send you any documents you need electronically. Our lead attorney is always available by phone and email. Work with us today for affordable legal services. Doskocil Law Firm’s lead counsel will come to you if necessary. You won’t have to worry about making an appointment at a big, impersonal corporate law office. Our attorney will be on hand at every stage of your legal proceeding. He’ll pick up the phone when you call, and he’ll be ready to provide personal solutions.

We represent many kinds of clients

Doskocil Law Firm’s lead attorney is a trusted authority on a variety of legal topics. You can count on our attorney to provide legal guidance and defense based on a wealth of experience. From traffic tickets to divorce proceedings, our Eureka, St. Louis County, MO lawyer can streamline the legal process for you.

Professional & Experienced Lawyer at A Fair Price

Find the strong support you deserve at Doskocil Law Firm P.C.

Our St. Louis County, Missouri lawyer has over thirty years of experience and will explain the ins and outs of domestic relations law. He’ll help you make strategic and informed decisions.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the briefings, court appearances and paperwork related to your case. Doskocil Law Firm is committed to being available for you seven days a week. Hire a representative who cares about you and always answers your phone calls.

The Experience to Deliver Results in St. Louis Criminal Defense Law

Christopher Doskocil is a veteran criminal defense attorney in St. Louis. Contact Chris a St. Louis Defense Attorney if you have been charged with any misdemeanor or felony.


Attorney Christopher Doskocil has over 30 years’ experience defending clients against both felony and misdemeanor charges. This experience has allowed him to develop good rapport with local prosecuting attorneys. Chris works tirelessly to get you out of trouble. Chris always strives to be the best criminal defense attorney in St. Louis. Call 314-920-2634 when you need a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney to schedule a consultation.

What Does an Estate Planning attorney Do?

Plan for the transfer of your Wealth after you are deceased

Are you prepared for the future? If not, contact Chris Doskocil.

He will help you go over your estate planning options and develop a comprehensive plan for your:


An estate plan transfers your wealth to your heirs as cost effectively as possible. Assets include anything with a statement or title, life insurance, real estate, pensions, investment accounts, collections and anything of value you want to transfer to you heirs.


A good estate plan avoids probate court. If your estate goes into probate court, debts must be paid before assets are distributed to your heirs. Call us to find out how to transfer more money to your heirs.

Meeting You

Chris will come to your house, where you keep your records and paperwork, to discuss your estate planning options. This saves you time and money.

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